Florida Keys Travel Activities

Learn about the sites, activities and wildlife in the Florida Keys as you travel through our beautiful region.  During your trip, you will be surrounded by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  It supports one of the most diverse assemblages of underwater plants and animals in North America. Although best known for its coral reefs, the shallow waters near shore contain interconnecting and interdependent marine habitats that include fringing mangroves, seagrass meadows, hard bottom regions, patch reefs and bank reefs. This complex marine ecosystem is the foundation for the tourism and commercial fishing-based economies that are so important to Florida. Encompassing over 3,800 square miles of marine water surrounding the Florida Keys, this sanctuary supports over 6,000 species of marine life and protects shipwrecks and other important pieces of American maritime heritage. Visitors to the sanctuary are encouraged to enjoy the many recreational activities it has to offer, including world-class diving, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.  You'll find lots of activities and adventure on land and in the air in the Florida Keys too!  Check out our games to learn more!


Florida Keys Mile Markers

As you travel the beautiful Florida Keys, see how many of these sites you can find.  Stay alert, there's something every mile! 


Does it walk, Fly or swim

Check out the images of wildlife native to the Florida Keys.  See if you know how where it lives and how it travels.

Did you know?

Fun facts about the Florida Keys.  Soe may surprise you!