Empower entrepreneurs to build sustainable local businesses by providing access to technology resources and expertise at affordable prices. 

Since 1987, our leadership team has been developing applications and technologies to help small businesses to compete effectively in the American marketplace.  Conch IT continues this mission to help small businesses and to help communities create jobs and leverage technologies to improve the lives of their residents.  

Conch IT can help make your projects a success with:


Web Design, Database Services, Software Development, Mobile Apps, Digital Media

Marketing services

Market Analysis, Strategic Planning, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Reservation Systems.


Conch IT publishes the Stock Island Times and Local Life Times digital news magazines daily.  These on-line journals focuses on the local, state, national and international news and trends that affect these areas.  We can help you provide the same service to your community. 

Mobile Apps

Almost 90% of all adult Americans own a smart phone.  They carry these devices with them everywhere they go.  It is by far the most effective means for getting your message to many people, very quickly. 

Conch IT publishes mobile apps, for both Apple and Android devices.  We can affordably create mobile apps to promote virtually any type of  organization.  We currently offer versions of our Local Life mobile apps for Community Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism, Businesses and Charities.

We offer a "do-it-yourself" mobile app template that allows you to create and manage your own content.  

We can also partner with your organization to build and monetize your mobile app.

We seek to help launch small businesses and to help communities promote local businesses and charities.  Strong communities make for a stronger America.  Let Conch IT help make your business a success!

What We've Achieved